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Margaret Mary Mayo was born on February 7, 1935 in Staffordshire, England, and has remained within the county all of her life. It was never herambition to become a writer, although she always loved reading, even to theextent of reading comics out loud to her twin brother when she was eightyears old. In fact her only writing experience was in letters to various penpals around the world. She unfortunately lost touch with them now and oftenwonders whether any of them have ever discovered that her chatty letterswere the forerunner to her writing career.

She left school to become a secretary, taking a break to have her twochildren, Adrian and Tina. Once they were at school she started back to workand planned to further her career by becoming a bi-lingual secretary.Unfortunately she couldn't speak any languages other than her nativeEnglish, so she began evening classes. It was at this time that she got theidea for a romantic short story - to this day she doesn't know where theidea came from or why, but she thanks her lucky stars because itkick-started her career. Margaret, and her mother before her, had alwaysread Mills & Boon romances, and to actually be writing one excited herbeyond measure.

'My life began at forty' is another one of her favourite sayings - becausethat is when her first book was published - two and a half years after shefirst set pen to paper (that first book was written long before she feltconfident enough to send it off).Having those books accepted was thehappiest and most exciting day of her life. She waltzed her husband aroundthe room and their two children thought they'd gone mad, until they weretold the good news.

Her first two submitted novels were accepted simultaneously, and now she hasover sixty-five to her credit. When she looks at them lined up on herbookshelf she wonders how she has managed to write all those millions ofwords. She is a hopeless romantic who loves writing. She falls in love withevery one of her heroes and likes to boast about how many 'love affairs'she's had.

Margaret gets so immersed in her writing that one day - before she madewriting her full-time career and did most of her writing at the office (!!)- her daughter phoned to ask whether she could come and meet her out ofwork. Margaret told her not to be silly because it was foggy. Her daughtersaid 'But it's sunny here.' And when Margaret looked out of the window thesun was shining. Her hero and heroine were lost out in a sea of fog!

Before she became a successful author Margaret was extremely shy and foundit difficult to talk to strangers. For research purposes she forced herselfto speak to people from all walks of life and now says her shyness has goneforever - to a certain degree. She is still happier pouring her thoughts outon paper.

Genres: Romance
Destiny Paradise (1976)
Shades of Autumn (1976)
Perilous Waters (1976)
Land of Ice and Fire (1976)
Sea Gypsy (1977)
Tregenna Tyrant (1977)
Rainbow Magic (1977)
Autumn Deception (1978)
Afraid to Love (1978)
The Unwilling Wife (1979)
Mistaken Marriage (1979)
Stormy Affair (1979)
Valley of the Hawk (1979)
Burning Desire (1980)
Pirate Lover (1980)
Innocent Bride (1980)
Tormented Love (1980)
A Taste of Paradise (1981)
Charming Enemy (1981)
Divided Loyalties (1981)
Bitter Reunion (1982)
Dangerous Journey (1982)
Impossible Masquerade (1982)
Return a Stranger (1983)
The Marriage Game (1983)
Branded (1984)
Personal Vendetta (1984)
Devil's fancy (1984)
Emerald Coast (1985)
Compelling Force (1985)
Second Encounter (1985)
Impulsive Challenge (1986)
At Daggers Drawn (1986)
Passionate Vengeance (1986)
Savage Affair (1987)
A Painful Loving (1987)
Feelings (1988)
Unexpected Inheritance (1988)
Prisoner of the Mind (1988)
Bittersweet Pursuit (1988)
Diamond Stud (1989)
Conflict (1989)
Mutual attraction (1990)
Trapped (1990)
An Impossible Situation (1990)
A Fiery Encounter (1991)
Stormy Relationship (1991)
Reluctant Hostage (1992)
Intrigue (1992)
Yesterday's Dreams (1993)
Ruthless Stranger (1993)
Wild Injustice (1994)
Determined Lady (1994)
Powerful Persuasion (1996)
Ungentlemanly Behaviour (1997)
A Forbidden Marriage (1998)
Dangerous Game (1999)
Marriage by Contract (2000)
The Wife Seduction (2000)
Her Wealthy Husband (2001)
Baby Mine (2002)
Polly of the Circus (2002) (with Margaret Mayo)
Reclaiming His Bride (2004)
The Rich Man's Reluctant Mistress (2007)
The Italian's Ruthless Baby Bargain (2008)
The Santorini Marriage Bargain (2009)
The Twelve-Month Marriage Deal (2009)
Married Again to the Millionaire (2010)
A Night With Consequences (2011)
The Santorini Marriage (2011)
A Secret Too Far (2012)
Abby's Bodyguard (2013)
Rachel's Retribution (2014)
Unwelcome Stranger (2016)
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