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Mark McLaughlin

Mark McLaughlin's first published story, "As Osiris Wills," appeared in Space and Time Magazine back when he was a teenager. Since then, his fiction, nonfiction, poetry and artwork have appeared in more than 400 magazines, anthologies and websites, including Galaxy, Talebones, The Last Continent: New Tales Of Zothique, Gothic.Net, Terror Tales, Bending The Landscape: Horror, The Dead Inn, The Book Of All Flesh, Darkness Rising, Dark Testament, The Best Of HorrorFind, Best Of The Rest 2, The Best Of Palace Corbie, and The Year's Best Horror Stories (DAW Books). Collections of his work include ZOM BEE MOO VEE and Other Freaky Shows, I Gave At The Orifice, Shoggoth Cacciatore And Other Eldritch Entrees, Your Handy Office Guide To Corporate Monsters, and the forthcoming Slime After Slime. Mark is currently working on more stories, as well as three collaborative novels with Michael McCarty. Also, he is the editor of The Urbanite: Surreal and Lively and Bizarre.
Feeding the Glamour Hogs (1997)
Zom Bee Moo Vee (1999)
The Gossamer Eye (2002) (with Rain Graves and David Niall Wilson)
Once Upon a Slime (2003) (with Michael A Arnzen)
Attack of the Two-Headed Poetry Monster (poems) (2008) (with Michael McCarty)
Partners in Slime (2011) (with Michael McCarty)
Beach Blanket Zombie (2012)
Best Little Witch-House in Arkham (2013)
Revenge of the Two-Headed Poetry Monster (poems) (2013) (with Michael McCarty)
Hideous Faces, Beautiful Skulls (2014)
Bride of the Two-Headed Poetry Monster (poems) (2014) (with Michael McCarty)
The Monster MEGAPACK TM (2015) (with Lester del Rey, Harcourt Farmer, George Griffith, C.J. Henderson, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, David H Keller, Jim Kjelgaard, Otis Adelbert Kline, Fritz Leiber, Lewis Lister, Frank Belknap Long, William P McGivern, A R Morlan, Kathryn Ptacek, Robert Reginald, Pamela Sargent, Darrell Schweitzer, Brian Stableford, Cynthia Ward, William J. Wintle and George Zebrowski)
Drunk On The Wine That Pours From My Wicked Eyes (2015)
The Witch and Warlock MEGAPACK (2015) (with Skadi meic Beorh, William Root Bliss, M.E. Brines, Lorie Calkins, Joseph Conrad, Janet Fox, Elizabeth Gaskell, Bruce Gehweiler, Nathaniel Hawthorne, C J Henderson, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Launcelot, Mary Leader, Marissa Lingen, Eliza Lynn Linton, H P Lovecraft, Robert Reginald, Darrell Schweitzer, Cynthia Ward, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Henry S Whitehead, Lady Wilde and William J. Wintle)
The Horror In The Water Tower (2016) (with Michael Sheehan Jr)
Dracula Transformed (2016) (with Michael McCarty)

Anthologies containing stories by Mark McLaughlin
Short stories
Silhouette (1994)
Prince of the Dark Green Sea (1997)

British Fantasy Society Best Collection nominee (1999) : Zom Bee Moo Vee

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