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W W Jacobs's picture

W W Jacobs

(William Wymark Jacobs)
UK flag (1863 - 1943)

William Wymark Jacobs is known especially for his sea stories. His familiarity with the wharves and the people who frequented them gave him material for these stories. He was also known for some of his short ghost tales and stories of mystery and the macabre, such as the "Monkey's Paw".
Anthologies containing stories by W W Jacobs
Short stories
Bed Cases
The Castaway
The Dreamer
In Borrowed Plumes
In Mid-Atlantic
Kitchen Company
The Lost Ship
The Brown Man's Servant (1896)
Jerry Bundler (1897)
Over the Side (1897)
Brevet Rank (1901)
The Bully of the 'Cavendish' (1901)
Captain Rogers (1901)
False Colours (1901)
A Garden Plot (1901)
Hard Labour (1901)
A Marked Man (1901)
An Odd Freak (1901)
The Peacemaker (1901)
Private Clothes (1901)
A Question of Habit (1901)
The Resurrection of Mr Wiggett (1901)
Sam's Boy (1901)
To Have and to Hold (1901)
Twin Spirits (1901)
A Will and a Way (1901)
An Adulteration Act (1902)
Bill's Paper Chase (1902)
Cupboard Love (1902)
A Golden Venture (1902)
In the Library (1902)
The Lady of the Barge [short story] (1902)
A Mixed Proposal (1902)
The Monkey's Paw [short story] (1902)
Three at Table (1902)
A Tiger's Skin (1902)
The Well (1902)
Bill's Lapse (1903)
The Money Box (1903)
Odd Charges (1903)
The Boatswain's Mate (1905)
Four Pigeons (1905)
In the Family (1907)
Mixed Relations (1907)
Deserted (1909)
Double Dealing (1909)
Head of the Family (1909)
Homeward Bound (1909)
Keeping Up Appearances (1909)
Matrimonial Openings (1909)
Odd Man Out (1909)
Peter's Pence (1909)
Prize Money (1909)
Self Help (1909)
Sentence Deferred (1909)
The Toll House (1909)
Fine Feathers (1911)
The Guardian Angel (1911)
Back to Back (1914)
Easy Money (1914)
His Other Self (1914)
Keeping Watch (1914)
Stepping Backwards (1914)
The Three Sisters (1914)
The Understudy (1914)
The Unknown (1914)
The Vigil (1914)
The Weaker Vessel (1914)
Shareholders (1919)
Bedridden (1922)
The Convert (1922)
Dirty Work (1922)
Family Cares (1922)
His Brother's Keeper (1922)
Husbandry (1922)
Made to Measure (1922)
Paying Off (1922)
Sam's Ghost (1922)
Striking Hard (1922)
The Substitute (1922)
The Winter Offensive (1922)
The Interruption (1925)
Artful Cards (1926)

Books about W W Jacobs
Pensive Jester (1996) by John D Cloy
W.W. Jacobs (1999) by Anthony James
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