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Robert Low

Scotland (b.1952)

Robert Low is a Scottish journalist and historical novelist, with novels based on the Viking Age. He was war correspondent in Vietnam and also several other locations, including Sarajevo, Romania and Kosovo, until "common-sense, age and the concerns of my wife and daughter prevailed". Now he writes novels full time. He's also a historical reenactor performing with the Scotland-based group, the Vikings.

Genres: Historical
   1. The Whale Road (2006)
   2. The Wolf Sea (2008)
   3. The White Raven (2009)
   4. The Prow Beast (2010)
   5. Crowbone (2012)
Kingdom Trilogy
   1. The Lion Wakes (2011)
   2. The Lion at Bay (2012)
   3. The Lion Rampant (2013)
Border Reivers
   1. A Dish of Spurs (2020)
   2. Burning the Water (2020)
   3. Shake Loose the Border (2021)
Robert Low recommends
Napoleon's Run (2020)
(William John Hazzard, book 1)
Jonathan Spencer
"A great read! Well-tempered and well-researched, with well-drawn characters who will, I am sure, be with us for a while."
Shadows of Athens (2019)
(Philocles, book 1)
JM Alvey
"Historical sleuthing finally gets its grown-up trousers. The book's got wit and knowledge and the winning knack of immersing the reader in ancient Greece and the whole theatrical scene there. It shows a thorough understanding of time and place, and has a dark heart of thuggery and murder. Finally, someone has taken on Saylor and Davis and brought us out of Rome at last!"
Clash of Empires (2018)
(Clash of Empires, book 1)
Ben Kane
"It's a broad canvas Kane is painting on, but he does it with vivid colours and, like the Romans themselves, he can show great admiration for a Greek enemy and still kick them in the balls."

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