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Seabury Quinn

(Seabury Grandin Quinn)
USA flag (1889 - 1969)

aka Jerome Burke

The name of Seabury Quinn is inextricably linked with the 'unique magazine', Weird Tales, to which he contributed some one hundred and fifty-nine stories and articles, making him that publication's most prolific contributor. His most conspicuous success was the series of tales featuring the occult detective Jules de Grandin, which always left readers clamouring for more. Indeed, de Grandin almost became to Quinn what Sherlock Holmes became to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: so overwhelmingly popular a creation that he threatened to overshadow completely his author's other successes. However, Seabury Quinn, like Conan Doyle, had a great deal more to offer than a single character. During his lifetime Quinn read widely in the fields of horror, supernatural, and weird fiction, as well as ranging further afield through books devoted to the occult, mysticism, witchcraft, legends, Satanism, and ancient religious customs. He was thus able to imbue his weird fiction with historical and sociological trappings which gave them an immediacy and vibrancy several cuts above the usual pulp offerings; and this, combined with his sheer skill in storytelling, keeps his stories fresh and alive today.

Genres: Horror
Anthologies containing stories by Seabury Quinn
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Short stories
The House of Horror
The Cloth of Madness (1920)
The Phantom Farmhouse (1923)
Itself (1925)
The Great God Pan (1926)
The Poltergeist (1927)
The Gods of East and West (1928)
Mephistopheles and Company Ltd. (1928)
Restless Souls (1928)
Children of Ubasti (1929)
The Devil-People (1929)
The Doom of the House of Phipps (1929)
The House of Golden Masks (1929)
The Brain-Thief (1930)
Bride of Dewer (1930)
Daughter of the Moonlight (1930)
The Drums of Damballah (1930)
The Dust of Egypt (1930)
Stealthy Death (1930)
The Wolf of St. Bonnot (1930)
A Gamble in Souls (1932)
The Hand of Glory (1933)
The Jest of Warburg Tantavul (1934)
Roads [short story] (1938)
The House Where Time Stood Still (1939)
Is the Devil a Gentleman? [short story] (1942)
Clair de Lune (1947)
Rebels' Rest (1950)