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Brad R. Torgersen is a science fiction and fantasy author who debuted in the 26th volume of Writers of the Future, and has since gone on to publish in some of the genre's top venues, such as Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazine, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, and Galaxy's Edge magazine. In addition to winning the Writers of the Future award, Brad has also won two Analog Magazine 'AnLab' readers' choice awards, is a three-time Hugo award nominee, and has been nominated for both a Nebula and a Campbell award. A full-time healthcare tech geek by day, Brad is a part-time Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Army Reserve.

Genres: Science Fiction
Zenophobia (with Craig Martelle)
   1. Heretic (2021)
   2. Messenger (2021)
   3. Extremist (2022)
   Space Eldritch (2012) (with D J Butler and Michael R Collings)
   Lights in the Deep (2013)
   No Surrender (2013) (with Aaron Allston, Kevin J Anderson, William C Dietz and R M Meluch)
   Racers of the Night (2014)
   MAGA 2020 & Beyond (2017) (with Jon Del Arroz, Declan Finn, Marina Fontaine, L Jagi Lamplighter, Arlan Andrews Sr, Ivan Throne, John C Wright and Milo Yiannopoulos)
   Divided we Fall: One Possible Future (2020) (with Jon Del Arroz, Rick Cartwright, Mack Henckel, Sarah A Hoyt, Lea Noring, Leigh Smith, Julian F Thompson and Chris Winder)
Series contributed to
Stellar Guild (with Matthew Joseph Harrington and Larry Niven)
   Red Tide (2014)
John W. Campbell Best Book winner (2012) : Ray of Light

Brad R Torgersen recommends
Primordial Threat (2018)
(Exodus , book 1)
M A Rothman
"M.A. Rothman has combined the high-frontier space realism of Kim Stanley Robinson, with the big ideas and cosmic scope of Larry Niven, and paced it all like a Michael Crichton adventure. A terrific roller coaster ride, which hits the reader on several levels. Highly recommended."

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