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Yvonne Navarro

USA flag (b.1957)

Yvonne Navarro was born back when black and white photographs were considered normal instead of artsy. As a child she always thought she'd grow up to be an artist.Her first novel, AfterAge, was published in 1993 and was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel. In 1995 her second solo novel, deadrush, was published, and it also was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, this time in the category of Superior Achievement in a novel. Final Impact, her third solo novel, was published in 1997, and won both the Chicago Women In Publishing's Award for Excellence in Adult Fiction and the "Unreal Worlds" Award for Best Horror Paperback of 1997 from the Rocky Mountain News. Since then she has published several more solo novels.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Urban Fantasy
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Anthologies containing stories by Yvonne Navarro
Short stories
Surprise Fall (1984)
The Shambling Things (1988)
Color My World (1989)
The Melon-Colored Suit (1989)
The Peeping Tom (1989)
Victory's Ode (1989)
Zachary's Glass Shoppe (1989)
The Cutting Room (1990)
Ellen Loves Jack (1990)
I Know What To Do (1990)
Mary's in the Mirror (1990)
Memories (1990)
Pumpkin Dreams (1990)
Screamland (1990)
I Smile For You, My Love (1991)
Rosedust (1991)
Chicago, Illinois (1992)
Feeding the Masses (1992)
London Bridge Fell Down (1992)
Payback (1992)
This House (1994)
The Best Years of My Life (1995)
Folds of the Faithful (1995)
Impulse (1995)
One Among Millions (1996)
Remembering What He Was (1996)
The Stranger Who Sits Beside Me (1996)
The Corridor (1997) (with Brian A Hopkins, Elizabeth Massie, Billie Sue Mosiman, Jeffrey Osier, Stephen Mark Rainey, John Rosenman and Dave Wilson)
The Enlightened (1997)
Four Famines Ago (1997)
The House on Chadwell Drive (1997)
Lifeline (1997)
Motherdead (1997)
Cold Beneath the Vinegar Tree (1998)
Dad Brings a Deader Home (1998)
Finding Destiny (1998)
Notes From Emily, With Love (1998)
Rosner's Hat (1998)
Sherri Goes to the Office (1998)
Touch Me (1998)
Trigger Moment (1998)
Abraham (1999)
DeadTimes (excerpt) (1999)
Intimate Insights (1999)
Lightfoot (1999)
Medusa's Revenge (1999)
Pawnstory (1999)
Pictures Within (1999)
Seastruck (1999)
As It Should Be (2000)
Ascension (2000)
A Change of Yesterday (2000)
Dead Little Pieces (2000)
Divine Justice (2000)
Drive-In Destiny (2000)
Feeding the Dead Inside (2000)
A Few Little Sacrifices (2000)
Healer [short story] (2000)
Santa Alma (2000)
Uncle Dead and the Fourth of July (2000)
The Unfulfilled (2000)

Bram Stoker Best Novel nominee (1996) : Deadrush