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Marc Laidlaw

USA flag (b.1960)

Marc Laidlaw is an American writer of science fiction and horror and also a computer game designer with Valve Software. He is perhaps most famous for writing Dad's Nuke and The 37th Mandala, and for working on the popular Half-Life series.
Anthologies containing stories by Marc Laidlaw
Short stories
A Hiss of Dragon (1978) (with Gregory Benford)
Tissue (1980)
Sneakers (1983)
Plug-in Yosemite (1985)
Muzak for Torso Murders (1986)
His Powder'd Wig, His Crown of Thornes (1989)
Mars Will Have Blood (1989)
Closed Circuit (1998)

Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (1988) : Neon Lotus
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1997) : The 37th Mandala