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Melissa is a born and bred Sydney-sider, now living with her husband and three sports-loving children, part-dingo dog, and rabbits (they've also had a cat and the odd tadpole or frog -- if they survive the attentions of her enthusiastic son that long) at a beachside semi-country suburb just over an hour north of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The chickens...well, they're another story. Especially when they turn out to be competitive silky bantam roosters crowing at 5 a.m.!

A former nurse, waitress, shop assistant, perfume/chocolate demonstrator (yum!) and currently a history student at university, Melissa has an avid desire to find out all things historical and medical. Research is the stuff of life!

Falling into writing through her husband, who thought it would be a good way to keep her out of trouble while the kids were little, Melissa was soon hooked. Using inspiration from university readers or journalists' articles and photos for her books is common for her. Vivid, real-life stories or graphic, painful pictures bring a fire and passion to her books...though writing the occasional loopy comedy is a great way to stretch the imaginative muscles.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense

   Hidden Agenda / Can You Forget? (2004) (with Maggie Price)
   Guilty Secrets / Dangerous Illusion (2004) (with Virginia Kantra)
   Crowns and Cowboys (2007) (with Judy Christenberry and Natasha Oakley)
   Conveniently Wed (2008) (with Carole Mortimer and Rebecca Winters)
   Billionaire's Bought Mistress / Celebrity Wedding of the Year (2008) (with Annie West)
   Betrothed: To the People's Prince / His Housekeeper Bride (2009) (with Marion Lennox)
   Royal Engagements (2010) (with Meredith Webber and Rebecca Winters)
   Cinderella: Hired by the Prince / The Sheikh's Destiny: Cinderella (2010) (with Marion Lennox)
   A Wish and a Wedding (2010) (with Margaret Way)
   Cinderella: Hired by the Prince / Sheikh's Destiny (2010) (with Marion Lennox)
   One Passionate Night's Miracle (2010) (with Carol Marinelli and Susan Stephens)
   Maybe Baby (2011) (with Michelle Douglas and Nikki Logan)
   The Tycoon Who Healed Her Heart / Daring to Date the Boss (2011) (with Barbara Wallace)
   Daring to Date the Boss / The Tycoon Who Healed Her Heart (2012) (with Barbara Wallace)
   Desert Hearts (2014) (with Carol Marinelli and Sandra Marton)
   Midnight in Arabia (2015) (with Lucy Monroe and Trish Morey)
   Around The World (2016) (with Anne Fraser, Catherine George, Fiona McCallum, Lucy Monroe, Trish Morey, Nora Roberts and Lori Wilde)
   Royal Rebels: His Passionate Duty (2021) (with Kate Hewitt and Tara Pammi)
   The Royal Rebels Collection (2021) (with Leanne Banks, Jules Bennett, Ally Blake, Andrea Bolter, Ellie Darkins, Olivia Gates, Kristi Gold, Kate Hewitt, Kelly Hunter, Sandra Hyatt, Jennifer Lewis, Merline Lovelace and Annie O'Neil)
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