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Benjamin Percy

USA flag (b.1979)

Ben Percy was raised in the High Desert of Central Oregon. He received his BA with Honors from Brown University and his MFA with a teaching fellowship from Southern Illinois University.

Genres: Horror
Non fiction
Benjamin Percy recommends
Caring Is Creepy (2012)
David Zimmerman
"As the danger steadily escalates, the sentences unspooling like a detonator line that sizzles toward an explosive, unforgettable ending."
Hyde (2014)
Daniel Levine
"As dark and twisted and alluring as the night-cloaked streets of nineteenth-century London, this book is as mush a fascinating psychology query as it is a gripping narrative."
Gifts for the One Who Comes After (2014)
Helen Marshall
"The very best kind of unsettling."
Scrapper (2015)
Matt Bell
"Matt Bell does not write sentences-he writes spells."
The Hatching (2016)
(Hatching, book 1)
Ezekiel Boone
"The Hatching is scary as hell and addictively fun. Check your sheets, spray your basement and attic, flinch away from anything that scurries, because Ezekiel Boone has spun a globe-spanning web of terror that elevates everyone's favourite household baddie--the spider--to the level of supervillain."
Tornado Weather (2017)
Deborah E Kennedy
"Dark and dangerous and strange and wonderful…Kennedy writes with the gritty poetry of Daniel Woodrell and misfit sensibility of Flannery O’Connor."
Halcyon (2018)
Rio Youers
"I'm warning you: stay away from Halcyon if you have a pressing deadline, children that must be fed, dogs that need to be walked. Because it will own you completely and gobble up all your time and focus with its spellbinding sentences, vividly realized characters, furious pacing, and skin-crawling chills. Rio Youers is a master."
The Municipalists (2019)
Seth Fried
"[Seth Fried] will make your heart stop and your jaw drop. You will suffer from bouts of thoughtful silence and seizures of hilarity and may even soil yourself with pleasure. Consider yourself warned."

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