Ray Russell

(Raymond Robert Russell)
USA flag (1924 - 1999)
Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by Ray Russell
Short stories
Acres of Bread
Captain Clark of the Space Patrol
The Charm
The Darwin Sampler
The Devil's Mirror [short story]
Dorian Black
The Fortunes of Popowcer
The Freedom Fighter
Ghost of a Chance
God Will Provide
The Great Earth Centauri Galactic Postal System
The Hell You Say
Here Comes John Henry!
The Humanic Complex
Meaningful Dialogue
A Most Miraculous Organ
The Prince of Darkness [short story]
Quoth the Raven
Rational Moments
The Runaway Lovers
Skin Deep
Space Opera
Time Bomb
Unholy Travesty
A Whole New Ball Game
The World of Lights
Xong of Xuxan
Last Will and Testament (1955)
The Pleasure was Ours (1955)
Take a Deep Breath (1956)
Incommunicado (1957)
Montage (1958)
The Cage (1959)
The Rosebud (1959)
The Sword of Laertes (1959)
The Actor (1960)
His Father's House (1960)
Ounce of Prevention (1960)
Sardonicus [short story] (1960)
Booked Solid (1961)
The Exploits of Argo (1961)
I Am Returning (1961)
London Calling (1961)
The Long Night (1961)
The Room (1961)
Sagittarius [short story] (1962)
The Better Man (1966)
Comet Wine (1967)
Sanguinarius (1967)
Evil Star (1976)
Mirror, Mirror (1977)
Avenging Angel (1980)
The Wine of Life (1980)
Czadek (1984)
The Secret of Rowena (1985)
The Bell (1986)
American Gothic (1987)
Reflections (1989)
Survival Song (1994)
The Way of a Man with a Maid (1999)

World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement winner (1991)