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P. J. Vernon was born in South Carolina. He holds a PhD in immunology and published science before turning his hand to publishing fiction. P. J. is an insatiable reader of suspense and domestic noir. His writing―and love for all things unsettling―is influenced by the works of Gillian Flynn, S. J. Watson, and the late A.S.A. Harrison. Apart from spinning tales of dark secrets or terror in suburbia, P. J. is an active member of the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association (IFWA) and the Alberta Romance Writers Association (ARWA). He lives in Canada with his partner and two wily dogs.

Genres: Mystery
P J Vernon recommends
And Then You Were Gone (2019)
R J Jacobs
"Jacobs has crafted a live-wire of a debut. Fever-pitch prose reveals the untrustworthy nature of our perceptions, and a taut, unflinching plot makes putting this book down absolutely impossible."
The Antidote for Everything (2020)
Kimmery Martin
"With incredible voice and scalpel-sharp wit, Martin deftly navigates the light, the dark, and the in-between of the human soul."
The Bright Lands (2020)
John Fram
"Fram has delivered a powerhouse of a debut that is certain to be one of the year's most bracing thrillers. Unapologetic in its queerness, cruelty and heart, The Bright Lands will sink its teeth into you."
Confess to Me (2021)
Sharon Doering
"Brilliant, vicious, and wildly compulsive, Confess to Me is a masterpiece of a thriller. Through stunning prose and an almost unbearable sense of dread, Doering delivers a truly menacing tale one elegant twist at a time. You don't devour this book – it devours you."
Walking Through Needles (2021)
Heather Levy
"A stunning, devastating debut. As the story's taut mystery unfolds with beautiful prose across past and present, a deeper, far more monstrous truth awaits readers: nothing's as capable of cruelty quite like the human heart."
Razorblade Tears (2021)
S A Cosby
"S. A. Cosby is a once-in-a-generation storyteller -- and he's only getting started. In Razorblade Tears, Cosby delivers a jaw-dropping thriller of vengeance, cruelty, and heart. His iconic voice, cinematic prose, and brilliant plotting will have you hearing an 80-piece orchestra at full crescendo as you race towards an ending so explosive, you'll literally duck for cover. This book is far more than a work of art; it's the gold standard."
The Family Plot (2021)
Megan Collins
"A gripping thriller with a gothic edge so sharp it's practically a switchblade, Megan Collins delivers a fiendish and compulsive read in The Family Plot. As the dark, murder-obsessed world of the Lighthouse Family unravels one deadly secret at a time — and the truth draws closer with each turned page — nothing will prepare you for Collins's shocking finale. Read this book. Now."
The Perfect Family (2021)
Robyn Harding
"Harding wields deep community ties like a garrote and redefines terror in suburbia. Breathless pacing and an inescapable sense of menace make Harding’s latest an absolute must-read that will scare the hell out of you as only Harding can. This one’s a stunner."

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