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Don Webb is an Austin science fiction and mystery writer, and former High Priest of the Temple of Set. He is a member of the Turkey City Writer's Workshop.
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Anthologies containing stories by Don Webb
Short stories
The Garment Business (1985)
Jesse Revenged (1986)
Red Queen's Race (1986)
Transactional Analysis (1986)
Reaganomics (1987)
The Divorce (1988)
The Key to the Mysteries (1989)
The Game (1990)
Avocation (1991)
Stan (1992)
Dentondagon! (1993)
A Visit to the Farside (1993)
The Agony Man (1995)
A Bigger Game (1995)
Thirteen Lines (1995)
Even the Night (1996)
To Mars and Providence (1996)
Boy (1997)
House of Cards (1997)
That Old Time Religion (1997)
Three Dwarves and 2000 Maniacs (1997)
Triangle Study (1997)
Ubu in Outer Space (1997)
The Works of Hieronimous Bosch Considered as Realism (1997)
The Last Beep (1998)
Tamarii Notebook (1998)