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Charles Beaumont

(Charles Nutt)
USA flag (1929 - 1967)

aka Keith Grantland

One of Alfred Hitchcock's favorite writers, Beaumont was also a contributor to Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, and Ray Bradbury's science-fantasy anthologies. He also wrote filmscripts with Richard Matheson and Ray Russell for Roger Corman and others. His only novel, THE INTRUDER, was filmed by Roger Corman, with William Shatner in the title role.

In 1964 he was stricken with a rare illness that eventually took his life at age 38.
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Anthologies containing stories by Charles Beaumont
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Short stories
A Classic Affair
The Crooked Man
A Death in the Country
Fair Lady
The Hunger [short story]
The Last Caper
The Last Word (with Chad Oliver)
The Magic Man [short story]
The Monster Show
Mother's Day
The Murderers
The Music of the Yellow Brass
The Neighbours
The New People
The New Sound
Night Ride [short story]
O Father Mine
Open House
Song for a Lady
Elegy (1953)
Black Country (1954)
The Jungle (1954)
Keeper of the Dream (1954)
Last Rites (1955)
The Vanishing American (1955)
The Dark Music (1956)
The Love-Master (1956)
You Can't Have Them All (1956)
Miss Gentilbelle (1957)
Perchance to Dream (1958)
Sorceror's Moon (1959)
The Howling Man (1960)
Blood Brother (1961)
My Grandmother's Japonicas (1984)
Appointment with Eddie (1988)
The Wages of Cynicism (1999)

Bram Stoker Best Collection winner (1989) : Charles Beaumont Selected Stories
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1989) : Charles Beaumont Selected Stories

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