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Clark Ashton Smith

USA flag (1893 - 1961)

Clark Ashton Smith was born on January 13th, 1893, and began writing fiction and poetry in his early teens. His first publication came in 1910, at the age of seventeen, when the Overland Monthly published two of his adventure tales set in the Orient. One of the "Lovecraft circle" and a regular contributor to Weird Tales in the 1930s, he is highly regarded today for his works of exotic fantasy. Smith died in his sleep on August 14, 1961.

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction

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Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Clark Ashton Smith
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Short stories
The House of Haon-Dor
Lament for Vixeela
The Mirror in the Hall of Ebony
The Ghost of Mahammed Din (1910)
The Malay Krise (1910)
The Mahout (1911)
Prince Alcous and the Magician (1912)
The Raja and the Tiger (1912)
From the Crypts of Memory (1922)
The Shadows (1922)
The Gorgon (1923)
Something New (1924)
The Abominations of Yondo [short story] (1926)
The Ninth Skeleton (1928)
The End of the Story (1930)
The Last Incantation [short story] (1930)
Marooned in Andromeda (1930)
Murder in the Fourth Dimension (1930)
The Phantoms of the Fire (1930)
Sadastor (1930)
The Uncharted Isle (1930)
The Amazing Planet (1931)
The City of the Singing Flame [short story] (1931)
The Immeasurable Horror (1931)
The Justice of the Elephant (1931)
The Monster of the Prophecy [short story] (1931)
The Necromantic Tale (1931)
A Night in Malneant (1931)
Phoenix (1931)
A Rendezvous in Averoigne [short story] (1931)
The Resurrection of the Rattlesnake (1931)
The Return of the Sorcerer [short story] (1931)
The Satyr (1931)
Seedling of Mars (1931)
The Tale of Satampra Zeiros (1931)
The Venus of Azombeii (1931)
A Voyage to Sfanomoe (1931)
The Dimension of Chance (1932)
The Door to Saturn [short story] (1932)
The Dweller in the Gulf (1932)
The Empire of the Necromancers (1932)
The Eternal World (1932)
The Hunters from Beyond (1932)
The Immortals of Mercury (1932)
The Invisible City (1932)
The Letter from Mohaun Los (1932)
The Maker of Gargoyles [short story] (1932)
Master of the Asteroid (1932)
The Nameless Offspring (1932)
The Planet of the Dead (1932)
The Second Interment (1932)
The Supernumerary Corpse (1932)
The Testament of Athammaus (1932)
The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis (1932)
The Beast of Averoigne (1933)
The Demon of the Flower (1933)
The Devotee of Evil (1933)
Genius Loci [short story] (1933)
The Holiness of Azedarac (1933)
The Ice-Demon (1933)
The Isle of the Torturers (1933)
The Kiss of Zoraida (1933)
The Light from Beyond (1933)
The Mandrakes (1933)
The Maze of the Enchanter (1933)
The Seed from the Sepulchre (1933)
A Star-Change (1933)
A Tale of Sir John Maundeville (1933)
Ubbo-Sathla (1933)
A Vintage from Atlantis [short story] (1933)
The Voyage of King Euvoran (1933)
The Willow Landscape (1933)
The Charnel God (1934)
The Dark Eidolon (1934)
The Death of Malygris (1934)
The Disinterment of Venus (1934)
The Epiphany of Death (1934)
The Ghoul (1934)
In the Book of Vergama (1934)
The Muse of Hyperborea (1934)
The Passing of Aphrodite (1934)
The Plutonian Drug (1934)
The Primal City (1934)
The Seven Geases (1934)
The Tomb-Spawn (1934)
The Weaver in the Vault (1934)
The White Sybil (1934)
The Witchcraft of Ulua [short story] (1934)
Xeethra (1934)
The Chain of Aforgomon (1935)
The Flower-Women (1935)
The Last Hieroglyph (1935)
The Treader of the Dust (1935)
Vulthoom (1935)
The Black Abbot of Puthuum (1936)
Necromancy in Naat (1936)
Thirteen Phantasms (1936)
The Death of Ilalotha (1937)
The Third Episode of Vathek (1937)
The Dark Age (1938)
The Garden of Adompha (1938)
The Maze of Maal Dweb (1938)
Mother of Toads (1938)
The Double Shadow [short story] (1939)
The Great God Awto (1940)
The Coming of the White Worm (1941)
The Enchantress of Sylaire (1941)
The Master of the Crabs (1948)
The Ampoi Giant (1949)
The Root of Ampoi (1949)
The Dead Will Cuckold You (1951)
The Metamorphosis of Earth (1951)
Zothique [short story] (1951)
Morthylla (1953)
An Offering to the Moon (1953)
Schizoid Creator (1953)
Monsters in the Night (1954)
A Prophecy of Monsters (1954)
Symposium of the Gorgon (1958)
The Theft of the Thirty-Nine Girdles (1958)
Told in the Desert (1964)
The Double Tower (1973)
The Utmost Abomination (1973) (with Lin Carter)
The Scroll of Morloc (1975) (with Lin Carter)
The Stairs in the Crypt (1976) (with Lin Carter)
Shapes of Adamant (1984)
Strange Shadows [short story] (1984)