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Ambrose Bierce's picture

Ambrose Bierce

(Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce)
USA flag (1842 - 1914)

aka Mrs J Milton Bowers, Dod Grile, William Herman

A veteran of the American Civil War who fought at Shiloh and Chickamauga in the Union ranks, Bierce became one of America's best-known writers and journalists, admired for his insolent, entertaining and sometimes courageous columns. In 1913 he set off for Mexico, then in the throes of evolution, and was never seen again.
The Fiend's Delight (1872) (as by Dod Grile)
Nuggets and Dust (1872) (as by Dod Grile)
Cobwebs from an Empty Skull (1874) (as by Dod Grile)
The Dance of Death (1877) (with Thomas A Harcourt (as by William Herman) )
The Dance of Life (1877) (as by Mrs J Milton Bowers)
Black Beetles In Amber (1892)
The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter (1892)
A Vision of Doom (1980)

Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Ambrose Bierce
A Second Round of Tales (1926)
American Ghost Stories (1928)
Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror 1st Series (1928)
A Second Century of Creepy Stories (1930)
Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror 2nd Series (1931)
A Century of Creepy Stories (1934)
A Century of Thrillers (1934)
The Mystery Book (1934)
A Century of Thrillers 2nd Series (1935)
A Century of Ghost Stories (1936)
The Mammoth Book of Thrillers, Ghosts and Mysteries (1936)
And the Darkness Falls (1946)
Spine Chillers (1961)
The Frankenstein Reader (1962)
Best Horror Stories 2 (1965)
Black Tales (1965)
A Chamber of Horrors (1965)
Everyman's Book of Classic Horror Stories (1965)
The 2nd Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1966)
Beyond the Curtain of Dark (1966)
The Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1966)
Medley Macabre (1966)
Points of View (1966)
Terror! (1966)
Where Nightmares Are (1966)
Famous Monster Tales (1967)
The House of the Nightmare (1967)
One Hundred Years of Science Fiction (1968)
Mind in Chains (1970)
The Ghouls Book 2 (1971)
The Undead (1971)
A Century of Horror (1971)
The 6th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1971)
The Spawn of Cthulhu (1971)
Beware of the Cat (1972)
Book of the Werewolf (1973)
The Edge of Never (1973)
Summoned from the Tomb (1973)
The Hounds of Hell (1974)
The 10th Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1974)
Victorian Tales of Terror (1974)
Fear (1975)
The 11th Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1975)
The Ghostmasters (1976)
Classic Tales of Horror (1976)
Tales of the Dark 2 (1977)
Victorian Nightmares (1977)
The Rivals of Frankenstein (1977)
Chamber of Horrors (1978)
100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories (1978)
Sixty-Five Great Tales of the Supernatural (1979)
The Giant Book of Horror Stories (1981)
The Penguin Book of Ghost Stories (1984)
The Penguin Book of Horror Stories (1984)
Realms of Darkness (1985)
Great Short Stories of the World (1986)
A Treasury of American Horror Stories (1986)
The Book of Fantasy (1988)
The World's Library of Best Books Volume Two (1989)
Classic Ghost Stories II (1990)
The Open Door (1990)
The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales (1992)
100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories (1992)
Masterpieces of Terror and the Unknown (1992)
Fantastic Tales (1993)
Nursery Crimes (1993)
Great American Ghost Stories, Volume Two (1993)
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...Nightmare (1993)
The Mammoth Book of Victorian and Edwardian Ghost Stories (1995)
Bodies of the Dead (1995)
100 Tiny Tales of Terror (1996)
American Gothic Tales (1996)
The Mammoth Book of Fantasy All-Time Greats (1998)
     aka The Fantasy Hall of Fame
100 Twisted Little Tales of Torment (1998)
The Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy (1999)
100 Hilarious Little Howlers (1999)
My Favorite Horror Story (2000)
Short stories
The Affair at Coulter's Notch
An Affair of Outposts
The Applicant
The Baptism of Dobsho
A Bottomless Grave
The City of the Gone Away
The Coup de Grace
Curried Cow
The Failure of Hope and Wandel
George Thurston
A Holy Terror
A Horseman in the Sky
The Hypnotist
An Imperfect Conflagration
The Ingenious Patriot
John Mortonson's Funeral
Jupiter Doke, Brigadier-General
Killed at Resaca
A Lady from Redhorse
The Little Story
The Major's Tale
The Man Out of the Nose
The Mocking-Bird
The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter [short story]
Mr Swiddler's Flip-Flap
My Favourite Murder
'Mysterious Disappearances'
Oil of Dog
One Kind of Officer
One of Twins
One Officer, One Man
One Summer Night
Parker Adderson, Philosopher
Perry Chumly's Eclipse
A Providential Intimation
The Race at Left Bower
A Resumed Identity
A Revolt of the Gods
Some Haunted Houses
A Son of the Gods
The Story of a Conscience
The Tail of the Sphinx
Visions of the Night
The Widower Turmore
The Haunted Valley (1871)
An Inhabitant of Carcosa (1887)
One of the Missing (1888)
The Boarded Window (1891)
Chickamauga (1891)
The Eyes of the Panther (1891)
Haita the Shepherd (1891)
The Man and the Snake (1891)
The Middle Toe of the Right Foot (1891)
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (1891)
The Suitable Surroundings (1891)
A Tough Tussle (1891)
A Watcher by the Dead (1891)
An Adventure at Brownville (1893)
A Baby Tramp (1893)
Bodies of the Dead (1893)
The Death of Halpin Frayser (1893)
The Famous Gilson Bequest (1893)
John Bartine's Watch (1893)
The Night-Doings at 'Deadman's' (1893)
A Psychological Shipwreck (1893)
The Realm of the Unreal (1893)
The Secret of Macarger's Gulch (1893)
The Damned Thing (1894)
A Vine on a House (1905)
The Moonlit Road [short story] (1907)
Beyond the Wall (1909)
A Diagnosis of Death (1909)
A Jug of Syrup (1909)
Moxon's Master (1909)
Staley Fleming's Hallucination (1909)
The Stranger (1909)
The Way of Ghosts (1909)

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