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Algernon Blackwood was born into a well-to-do Kentish family. His parents, converts to a Calvinistic sect, led an austere life, ill-suited to their dreamy and sensitive son. During adolescence, he became fascinated by hypnotism and the supernatural and, on leaving university, studied Hindu philosophy and occultism. Later, he was to draw on these beliefs and experiences in his writing.

Sent away to Canada at the age of twenty, his attempts at making a living were wholly unsuccessful and shortly after his return to England, he began to write. The Empty House and Other Ghost Stories, published in 1906, was followed by a series of psychic detective stories, featuring John Silence, 'physician extraordinary'. His reputation as one of the greatest exponents of supernatural fiction began to grow.Chiefly known for his ghost stories, Blackwood wrote in many different forms within the genre. His most personal works, however, are his 'mystical' novels, for example The Centaur, where he explores man's empathy with the forces of the universe.

Blackwood also wrote children's fiction. A Prisoner in Fairyland was adapted into the play (later the musical), Starlight Express.

Later in life, Blackwood turned to writing radio plays, and in 1947 he began a new career on BBC TV telling ghost stories. He received a knighthood in 1949.

Genres: Horror, Literary Fiction
   The Education of Uncle Paul (1909)
   Jimbo (1909)
   The Human Chord (1910)
   The Centaur (1911)
   The Man Whom the Trees Loved (1912)
   A Prisoner in Fairyland (1913)
   The Extra Day (1915)
   Julius Levallon (1916)
   The Wave (1916)
   The Garden of Survival (1918)
   The Promise of Air (1918)
   The Bright Messenger (1921)
   Dudley and Gilderoy (1929)
   The Fruit Stoners (1934)
   How the Circus Came to Tea (1968)
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   The Damned (1914)
   The Camp of the Dog (2004)
   The Listener (2004)
   Max Hensig (2004)
   The Nemesis of Fire (2004)
   The Other Wing (2004)
   Running Wolf (2004)
   Secret Worship (2004)
   A Victim Of Higher Space (2004)
   Wayfarers (2004)
Novellas and Short Stories
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Non fiction
Omnibus editions
Series contributed to
Anthologies containing stories by Algernon Blackwood
Fifty Enthralling Stories of the Mysterious East
The Ghost Book (1926)
Shudders (1929)
A Second Century of Creepy Stories (1930)
Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror 2nd Series (1931)
When Churchyards Yawn (1931)
A Century of Creepy Stories (1934)
A Century of Thrillers (1934)
Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror 3rd Series (1934)
The Mystery Book (1934)
The Great Book of Thrillers (1935)
A Century of Ghost Stories (1936)
The Mammoth Book of Thrillers, Ghosts and Mysteries (1936)
And the Darkness Falls (1946)
Night's Yawning Peal (1952)
The Haunted Looking Glass (1959)
Spine Chillers (1961)
The 3rd Pan Book of Horror Stories (1962)
Tales of the Supernatural (1962)
The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1964)
Sleep No More (1964)
Everyman's Book of Classic Horror Stories (1965)
The Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1966)
Medley Macabre (1966)
The Evil People (1968)
The 4th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1969)
The Satanists (1969)
The Necromancers (1971)
A Century of Horror (1971)
London Tales of Terror (1972)
Beware of the Cat (1972)
The 9th Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1973)
The Nightmare Reader Volume 2 (1973)
Summoned from the Tomb (1973)
Great British Short Stories (1974)
Oriental Tales of Terror (1974)
Gooseflesh! (1974)
The 11th Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1975)
The Ghost's Companion (1975)
Weird Tales Volume 2 (1976)
More of Christopher Lee's New Chamber of Horrors (1976)
Classic Tales of Horror (1976)
Tales of the Dark 2 (1977)
Sixty-Five Great Tales of the Supernatural (1979)
Dark Company (1984)
The Penguin Book of Ghost Stories (1984)
Horror Stories (1988)
The Mammoth Book of Short Horror Novels (1988)
Masterpieces of Terror and the Unknown (1992)
Doubles, Dummies and Dolls (1995)
Supernatural Stories (1995)
The Oxford Book of Twentieth-Century Ghost Stories (1996)
Blood Thirst (1997)
The Mammoth Book of Twentieth-Century Ghost Stories (1998)
The Mammoth Book of Haunted House Stories (2000)
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Short stories
The South Wind
A Mysterious House [short story] (1889)
A Case of Eavesdropping (1906)
The Empty House [short story] (1906)
Keeping His Promise (1906)
Smith: An Episode in a Lodging House (1906)
The Dance of Death [short story] (1907)
The Insanity of Jones [short story] (1907)
The Listener [short story] (1907)
Max Hensig [short story] (1907)
May Day Eve (1907)
Miss Slumbubble (1907)
The Old Man of Visions (1907)
The Willows [short story] (1907)
The Woman's Ghost Story (1907)
Ancient Sorceries [short story] (1908)
The Camp of the Dog [short story] (1908)
The Kit-Bag (1908)
The Nemesis of Fire [short story] (1908)
A Psychical Invasion [short story] (1908)
Secret Worship [short story] (1908)
The Education of Uncle Paul (extract) (1909)
Jimbo (extract) (1909)
The Laying of a Red-Haired Ghost (1909)
The Terror of the Twins (1909)
The Lost Valley [short story] (1910)
The Message of the Clock (1910)
The Singular Death of Morton (1910)
The Wendigo [short story] (1910)
The Centaur (extract) (1911)
The Transfer (1911)
The Attic (1912)
Clairvoyance (1912)
The Destruction of Smith (1912)
The Golden Fly (1912)
The Heath Fire (1912)
La Mauvaise Riche (1912)
The Man Whom the Trees Loved [short story] (1912)
The Return (1912)
The Sea Fit (1912)
Special Delivery (1912)
Transition (1913)
Accessory Before the Fact (1914)
The Damned [short story] (1914)
The Deferred Appointment (1914)
A Descent into Egypt (1914)
Entrance and Exit (1914)
The Goblin's Collection (1914)
The House of the Past (1914)
The Regeneration of Lord Ernie (1914)
The Sacrifice (1914)
A Victim of Higher Space [short story] (1914)
Wayfarers [short story] (1914)
The Soldier's Visitor (1915)
Julius LeVallon (extract) (1916)
By Water (1917)
A Desert Episode (1917)
Initiation (1917)
The Occupant of the Room (1917)
The Other Wing [short story] (1917)
The Touch of Pan (1917)
The Tradition (1917)
The Tryst (1917)
The Memory of Beauty (1918)
Chinese Magic (1921)
Confession (1921)
The Decoy (1921)
The Empty Sleeve (1921)
First Hate (1921)
Onanonanon (1921)
Running Wolf [short story] (1921)
The Tarn of Sacrifice (1921)
The Valley of the Beasts (1921)
Vengeance Is Mine (1921)
The Little Beggar (1924)
The Man Who Was Milligan (1924)
The Olive (1924)
The Pikestaffe Case (1924)
Chemical (1926)
The Stranger (1929)
A Threefold Cord... (1931)
The Blackmailers (1934)
The Holy Man (1934)
Lock Your Door (1934)
Pistol Against a Ghost (1934)
The Curate and the Stockbroker (1935)
The Wig (1935)
At a Mayfair Luncheon (1936)
King's Evidence (1936)
By Proxy (1937)
The Man-Eater (1937)
The Voice (1937)
The Magic Mirror [short story] (1938)
The Doll (1946)
The Texas Farm Disappearance (1946)
The Trod (1946)
Japanese Literary Cocktail (1948)
Roman Remains (1948)
Along Came a Spider (1952)
Wishful Thinking (1989)

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